Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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Where I Am Located - Real Life

If you choose/intend to come to my Residence for my Services, please call/notify me 2 - 3 weeks in advance. When you call in advance and make an appointment to see me at my Residence, I request that you make the Appointment for Day Hours. My Roommates would not appreciate Customers to be here after 6PM, please also be aware that if you drive down here with your own car/vehicle, that I may not have ANY parking Spaces available to my customers, so, please do not stay too long as to not be using up the parking space. I do not live alone, and Parking Space may or may not be fully filled by vehicles.  ((Drive way is off-limits to Customers))

My Address has a DEAD END to use for Parking. Please Park at the very very end of the street. That is Customer Parking. The Driveway is for Private use only.

On a Side Note, I am hoping to have a separate place in which to run my Business from as soon as Possible. Rent/Lease in any Town is NOT cheap.

(If you are unfamiliar with Worcester and not sure where to go, or what streets to take, use the Map below as a guide or reference.)

Address:  MOVED

From:   214 O'Neil Rd                 To:  41 Clearview Ave.
West Warren MA 01092            Worcester, MA 01605

United States of America         United States of America 


Hours of operation:

I have two different "Hours of Operations", First is "Online/Internet", and the Second is "In Person (Offline Hours)"

"Online/Internet" Hours of Operations are normally from 6PM till 3AM EST Sunday thru Saturday, however, I am online 24/7 whenever possible.

"In Person (Offline Hours)", for those requiring to meet face to face, my Hours of Operation are from 9 AM till about 4:45 PM at my place of residence. If you require me to come to you, my Hours are from 9 AM till 5:30 PM (this gives me time to catch a bus from/to home). 



This is my Personal and Business Mobile #
1 (774) 262 - 0978 (USA Residents ONLY)


If you reside outside the United States of America, and need to reach me ASAP, please Leave me a message on
Facebook: facebook.com/OphiOphiuchus asking me to please Log onto Skype.........

My Skype ID is OphisPaganConsultingFirm

or, you can simply request an audience with my by sending an Email to the address below 

(If you do so, please state clearly who you are, and what it is you need))

Business Email address:


41 Clearview Ave. Worcester, MA 01605