Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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Where I am Located - IMVU.com

If you are a Member of IMVU.com, and you wish to find me there for an Appointment or to talk,  I can be found in the these Public Rooms ((Owned By MasterSeerOphiuchus)):

Must have the IMVU.com Client/Software:
Located here for Download -

((To Join one of the Following rooms, you will first need to
Copy/Paste the Url Link of the room you want to enter/join into your URL Browser. Once you hit Enter, it will load the room that is associated with the Link you Copied/Pasted into the URL Browser))

1.) Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

2.) TZK hang out|Party Room

If you are NOT a member of IMVU.com and Wish to become a Member of IMVU.com

just use the link below to go to the site and sign up.


After you have followed the directions for signing up and downloaded the needed software, do seek me out. My Main Avatar name is MasterSeerOphiuchus

(( A word of advice, Use your Honest/Legit Info when signing up. Use your real information when it asks for it {Birthday/Age}, Name and such. ))

((To be honest with you, If and when something happens to your account, it will be easier for you to deal with, if all the info on your profile is Legit and honest))