Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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Products/Services Rendered/Provided are as Follows:

Religious/Pagan Services (Clergy/Ministerial Services):
1.) Ceremonies/Rituals   
2.) Weddings
3.) Funeral rites and/or Graveside Ceremonies
4.) Handfastings
5.) Baptisms'
6.) Blessings
7.) Groups/Circles/Covens/Meetings
8.) ONLINE/SKYPE/FACETIME Ceremonies (A new option that has become available since December 30th of 2014)
This Option is best used for those seeking a Minister at any Hour from anywhere. I am Legally ordained, there shouldn't be any issues being accepted in most or every state within the United States of America, and in a few Countries around the world,  BUT,  I may or may not need to check your local GOVT to be absolutely sure that their laws accepts/allows for ULC or ONLINE Ordainment.   I am currently legally registered with the State of Massachusetts. 

Counseling/Guidance ((Licensed/Ordained Minister, and I am willing to provide an ear when others are not willing to)): 
1.) Will sit and listen/hear your day.
2.) Give feedback if required.
3.) Be a friend when others choose to ignore you.
4.) Give solid advice when you have an issue or just need to bounce an idea off of someone.
5.) Allow you to Rant/Rave with the peace of mind that it will not reach another's ear but my own.

Informational Services:
1.) Provide Guidance/Advice towards any Topic of Discussion in regards to Paganism.
2.) Provide Lessons on any Pagan Topic Requested
((Within Reason and Legal Boundaries)).
3.) Will do searches on any topic requested ((Within Reason and Legal Boundaries))
Provide Links to Websites in which supports the Paganism Lifestyle and such.
5.) Provide Information in regards to any local/community venue of Request that supports Paganism.
   a.) Businesses
   b.) Parks

   c.) Schools

   d.) Community organizations ((i.e. Churches, Covens, Social Networks and so on))

   e.) etc, etc, etc. Just ask and I will find it for you.

Psychic/Clairvoyant Services:
1.) Provide Psychic/Clairvoyant Readings
2.) Tarot Readings
3.) Dream Interpretations
4.) Past lives (Previous Lives)
5.) Aura Readings
6.) Contacting Loved ones or those whom have passed (I rarely perform this as it leaves me open to unwanted entities)
7.) Advice/Guidance
Astrological &/or Personality Profiling
9.) Just ask, I will try my best to accommodate your request.
10.) Palm Reading ((This option has been removed from my provided services.))

Healing Services:
1.) Remote Healing
2.) Reiki   ((I am currently in the midst of seeking to get Trained and Certified as a Reiki Practitioner))