Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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How I can be Paid

The most common way for you to pay for the Services I provide is through the PayPal buttons already Supplied in the "My Shoppe" Tab.

For  those seeking to do "Payment  Installments" or to  manually make a Subscription payment, I have yet to set up the necessary components to my Website to allow that. So for the time being, I will NOT be accepting "Installments", I will only accept FULL PAYMENT upfront before doing any work.

Gift Card Payment choices 
((ONLY for those that  dislike or distrust  paying with Cash, with Credit/Debit Cards or with Apple Pay))
I prefer for clients not choosing Gift Cards, it is difficult to claim for income

For those whom prefer to pay meet face to face for a Session/Reading, the acceptable form of Payment is the Following:

If you are uncomfortable using Cash,  using a Credit Card/Debit Card (that includes digital or eDebit such as PAYPAL)   and or APPLE PAY........

I  do accept 
Barter Payment in the form of Gift Cards from the Following: 

In Store Shopping:
Walmart - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Best Buy - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Home Depot - any amount over $100 is appreciated 
Lowe's - any amount over $100 is appreciated 
Apple Store = any amount over $500 is MORE than Welcomed!!!!!!

In Store and Online Shopping:
Barnes & Nobles - $50/$100/+

Online Shopping:
Amazon.com - $50/$100/+
iTunes - $50/$100/+
IMVU Prepaid Card - $50 Cards only (Can be found at Walmart in the Electronics Section)

TacoBell -  any amount over $35 is appreciated
KFC  -  any amount over $35 is appreciated
Applebee's - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Outback - any amount over $35 is appreciated
McDonald's - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Burger King - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Dunkin Donuts - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Little Caesar's Pizza - any amount over $35 is appreciated
D'Angelo's - any amount over $35 is appreciated
Texas Roadhouse - any amount over $35 is appreciated

PayPal Here 
(Credit Card Reader)
(Credit Card Reader)
(Includes Apple Pay & Samsung Pay)
((and almost any NFC payment source))


I do take most Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

I am in the Process of Updating information in regards to WePay.com, I will  not
 be using them for some time until they have verified the Data they requested. Once
all has been verified, I will also set up a Separate Payment Page Just for WePay users.

Alright after long talks with a representative with WePay.com, it appears they do not allow Psychics or Pagans to use their Service. They find our type of Business to be an act of Fraud and is therefore against their Terms of Service. I find this to be a breach in our freedom of Religion and our ability to be real Business owners.

So henceforth, I will NEVER use WePay.com as a Payment recipient source. If you are a WePay user, please switch to PayPal or to Squareup.com, it will be easier to accept Payments from you.
((UPDATED as of January 5th, 2022))
I no longer use GoFundMe.  There is no plan to use it in the future, at least for the time being.   For all Donations or help, I will be relying on PayPal, or other contributors.   Thank you to those that shared their concerns and well wishes when Covid-19 hit us globally back in 2020.