Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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The Following Services cost 
$35 + 2.00 for PayPal Transaction Fee
((Holiday Sales are $25 + 2.00 for PayPal Transaction Fee))

~ Dream Interpretations
~ Tarot Readings
~ Personality Profile Based on your Birthday and  Astrological  Signs 
((Any of the Following:  Western Astrology,  Chinese Astrology,   Native American Astrology,  Celtic Astrology... and so on))

~ Generalized Reading  -  Simple quick glimpse of  what's to be expected or of your life
~ Aura Readings - I will provide a full reading w/ Full explanation of each of the colors I see.
~ Past Lives Reading
~ Advice/Guidance - I will listen to your issue/problem and give you the best solution for it. I will also provide a personal opinion as well as professional opinion for best results.
~ Reading w/ simple review or guidance of what I saw. This does not include an interpretation of their meanings.
~Confirmation/Vibe/Feel/Verify/Validate/Zing - For this one, I will hear out your Fear, Joy, Concern, Excitement, Curiosity in regards to a hunch, job, lover, family, friend, opportunity, options, choices, and whatnot. While listening to such information, I will attempt to let all of what you say flow through me. Letting my intuition, instincts, senses do their thing, and determine whether something is right, if it is wrong, what is true, what is false, what is the path to follow.
~ Extensive Reading - A thorough full reading of your Life and Future
It also includes a full description of everything Seen, a Full Deciphering of what was seen ((most of what is seen are just clues in which need to be figured out or interpreted to understand their meaning))

((As a result of life issues, and  other circumstances,  I have over the course of time lost touch and ability in many aspects of my original  Clairvoyant/Spiritual talents;  The things/talents I have still managed to retain and rely upon has become tool and outside help based.  This means I must solely rely upon Tarot Cards and physical objects for Divination work,  I am uncertain for how much longer this will persist or for how much longer I will be able to help others with their "Readings"....  If problems persist, and I lose complete ability in my talents, I may be forced to close down permanently in the near future))

Contacting Deceased Loved ones ($2500.00 + $ 105 PayPal Transaction Fee)
(I rarely perform this as it leaves me open to unwanted entities, as a result, I will charge a large amount for putting myself at such risk.)

(Also, I expect payment up front before I begin, I also cannot guarantee that I will be able to contact the person you are requesting)

Due to some fortunate while also unfortunate encounters,  I was reminded of a few rules/beliefs  pertaining to not only the Afterlife, but also inter-spiritual or inter-dimensional contact.  These Rules are as follows :

1)  It is very possible to randomly contact or reach people, things, spirits, random coma patients and/or entities NOT of our realm/timeline
2)  It is very very possible that the loved ones you are seriously interested in contacting may have crossed over through reincarnation, rebirth or possibly chose to seek PEACE (this means their soul no longer exists in any shape or material manner such as heaven/hell/new life and so on), this means their soul is no longer here nor in your "Beliefs" afterlife and therefore unreachable by any spiritual/religious means.
3) There is also the very very high chance that those we make contact with could also be Malicious Gods or Higher Intellectual Beings  (Such as Extraterrestrial Lifeforms /Whatever)  that only care about alleviating their boredom and may choose to harm both myself, and you all for the sake of entertainment.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

For  those seeking to do "Payment  Installments" or to  manually make a Subscription payment, I have yet to set up the necessary components to my Website to allow that. So for the time being, I will NOT be accepting "Installments", I will only accept FULL PAYMENT upfront before doing any work.

My Pagan Services $37.00

Customized/Specialty Reading - These Readings are usually for those with specialized requests and/or for those that request the outrageous and bizarre $104.00   ( $100 + $4 Paypal Transaction Fee)

Consultation (& Fee) - We will discuss the Needs, Payment Options, Circumstances, Supplies/Materials, Scheduling, Planning and any other Terms  involved with the Specialized Service, Spell, Ritual, Ceremony, Funeral or other Type of Requests the Client or Customer intends to Pay this Establishment for. (This does not include discussion towards Basic Services listed at the top of this Page, unless otherwise noted or determined at initial call/conversation.)   $53.00   ( $50 + $3 Paypal Transaction Fee)

Customized/Specialized Spells & Needs - These are Spells & Needs personally created or performed for those with specialized requests and/or for those that request help with an Unorthodox Problem they themselves cannot "Perform" out of fear or uncertainty.  

$314.00    ( $300 + $14 Paypal Transaction Fee)

Informational Search Services:

I will do all the work of looking up information on any Pagan Related Topic in which you wish to be found. I have the time and expertise to sift through informational links on the internet and to seek out information in other sources. 

(Area Specific needs/information):

I will look up Places and Local Activities in your area in which caters specifically to Paganism or supports the paganistic Lifestyle in any way.

((Like for example)): 

a. Store/Business, 

b. Local Park; Playground; Public (or rented) Field or Space

c. Eatery; Coffee shoppe; Restaurant

d. Universal Church (Special Church in which caters to ALL beliefs, including Paganism), 

e. Local Temple; Specified Spiritual building for Gathering or Practicing. 

f. Local Coven; Group; Meeting

g. Public/Community Organization (Example below):

(i.e. Spiral Scouts International...Pagan version of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.)
Informational Search Services

Informational Search Services


If the Topic requested is one in which you want to Learn about, 

I will Gladly do Lessons on what I have found for you.

((Cost of Lessons are Hourly, prices are listed to the Left))

     Prices for "Pagan/Religious Services"

 vary and can/may be hourly

"Pagan/Religious Services":

As a Pagan Clergy, I can perform "Pagan/Religious Services". This basically means that I can/will perform Rituals, Ceremonies, Handfastings, Weddings, Funeral Rites, Graveside Ceremonies, Blessings and more.


Weddings and Hand-Fastings Performed on Non-Holidays $78.00

Weddings and Hand-Fastings Performed on Holidays $106.00

Themed Weddings and Hand-Fastings Performed on Non-Holidays $157.00

Themed Weddings and Hand-Fastings Performed on Holidays $209.00

{Side-Note} I specialize in performing/Officiating Weddings, 

Hand-Fastings and other Ceremonies LEGALLY through the use of SKYPE

If interested, please inquire for more details


Graveside Burials $52.75

Funeral (includes Graveside Burial) $106.00

Graveside Burial on a Holiday $106.00

Funeral (includes Graveside Burial) on a Holiday $157.00

Themed Services on a Non-Holiday $157.00

Themed Services on a Holiday $209.00

RITUALS and CEREMONIES (including Blessings):

Rituals and Ceremonies Performed on Non-Holidays $78.00

Rituals and Ceremonies Performed on Holidays $106.00

Themed Rituals and Ceremonies Performed on Non-Holidays $157.00

Themed Rituals and Ceremonies Performed on Holidays $209.00

Themed "Events" or "Services" are Weddings, Hand-Fastings, Rituals, Ceremonies, Blessings, Funerals, and/or Graveside Burials in which require ME to do the following:

1) Dress in Cos-Play, or in a specifically Designed wardrobe/Outfit of your Choosing or Making.

2) Read/Act from a Specified Written Script.

3) Behave or Act in a Special/Desired manner; This includes interacting a certain or specified way for a particular set of time/intervals.
4) Use Special Items you own, rent or choose specifically for that event. 



Performed Weddings/Hand-Fastings

Funerals and Graveside Burials

Rituals and Ceremonies


Remote healing:

I have the ability to send out my own Life Energy to others to help Heal and ease ones ills, it is not a permanent fix, but it does relieve some Discomfort for a bit of time.

The Prices to the Right-hand side are based on the Level of Discomfort I will endure when the Session of Healing is done. Healing/relieving others does not come without price to my own well being, so when these sessions have met its end, I require rest, food/sugar (( I am Hypoglycemic)), as well as Pain Relief.

When I help you heal, I take on a Shadow/Mirror version of what Ailed you, whether it be Back pain, pneumonia, and so on. My body takes on the symptoms and such of those ailments, without directly having the Ailment itself.

Side note:

I have had rare cases in which I Healed Cancer of those I know personally and Clients alike. 

I have only had 4 occurrences so please do not expect me to do it another time so easily. Though I had done it, it is not a guarantee that I could do it again.
Remote Healings