Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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I Will Go To You

If you live in the Worcester Area or within a surrounding Town in which "WRTA" Travels
I can come to you via the Bus.

If I come to you, please know that I will NOT Travel anywhere
in which WRTA cannot go, unless it is someplace within
 a short Walking Distance of the Nearest WRTA Bus Stop.

When Seeking my Services and you request I come to you, please be sure to give me:
Your Real Name;
A Time to Meet  ((Month/Day and Time);
A Physical Address to Meet at, this could be your Personal residence, Place of Business/Employment, or a Place in which to Meet of your Choosing

((The Physical Address should include Town/City. And if you so choose a place of Employment, the name of the place you work at should be included.))

If you choose a "Place to Meet" that is NOT your Personal Residence or Place of Employment, please be sure it is some place Public, but still providing some Distance from others to Maintain our Privacy for the Reading/Session.  The Readings can at times get loud. Also, If I am within close enough Proximity of Other people, I can See/Sense things from them as well. I prefer to keep all attention upon you and you alone.

(That information of Address/Location will be placed into the GPS on my iPhone 6S Plus so I can find you or meet up with you)

If you are an Owner of an iPhone gen 4S or above  OR are an Owner of a "Cellular Based"  iPad,   please let me know ahead of time so that I can add your Apple ID to my Contacts within the Find Friends App. It will act as a GPS Locator when trying to meet up with you.