Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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I am NOT a Licensed Therapist nor will I make claim to be, only an Ordained Minister (Clergy)......   all Sessions of being a Willing Ear is free  (donations welcomed)..... I will willingly hear out your problem and allow you to vent about your day, your issues, your fears, and basically anything you want to talk about that has no legal repercussions. 

Advice/Guidance Given:   

Any and all Guidance and Advice I give is up for interpretation, PLEASE DO NOT take what I say TOO Literal. My advice and Guidance is based on my Personal and Professional experience, but it does not mean it entirely will have the same experience for you. Be Cautious and do not rush into anything.... Like if I say its best to leave your job, don't just up and quit that moment without first being smart and seeking a new job first..... always think things through first, make sure to have a solid and intelligent plan before enacting upon my Advice/Guidance.

Minors/Those with State Appointed Legal Guardians:   

For those "Minors" or "Individuals with State Appointed Legal Guardian(s)" that seek out my help/assistance, please be aware that I will not give ANY Legal advice or any advice that will lead me into Legal Reprecussions..... I will not Discuss Sexual, Drug or Alcholic Related Topics. 

If you come to me about Religious or Family issues, any and all advice/guidance will be given in accordance with the Federal Law of the United States of America and State Law of Massachusetts. I am legally registered as an Ordained Clergy, as such I am bound by religious ethics of Confidentiality by State Law of Massachusetts. I am also a mandated reporter due to being an Ordained Clergy, I am bound by the Laws of Massachusetts to report any signs of abuse, or any signs of foul play.  

My Psychic/Clairvoyant Readings: 

When I see someone's Future and such, it DOES NOT mean it is set in stone. The Future and such can change at any time. If I see something and I am able to properly interpret its meaning, please do not assume it will automatically come true..... Much of what I see "can & may" be set in stone, but it does not mean it always will be. Please take necessary precautions in your own life to be prepared for the unlikely scenario that what I say/said does not come true. Always have a back up plan in life. Never ever take what is said at full face value. Much of what I say is up to the customer to also interpret. What I see is never wrong, but what is said "IS & SHOULD" always be up for interpretation. Never take details that are said as full face value. Life is full of surprises.


I do not give Refunds unless I deem it necessary. After you Pay me ahead of the Scheduled Appointment/Session/Event, and you fail to show for the Appointment/Session/Event, I will count the No Show as a failure upon your part and I will retain/keep said Payment as my own. If you cannot follow through with such a simple task of keeping an appointment, then it is your mistake made, and I will not issue a Refund for a Mistake/Failure you decided to make........  

PayPal Users (& other Payments): 

Firstly, when contacted I will inform you of my No-Refund Policy, if you continue with the Purchase of my Services, that is rendered an agreement to the No-Refund policy and I will Screenshot the conversation held as proof of Agreement to the No-Refund Policy. 

Secondly, because I do not provide refunds, I consider my efforts, talents & time valuable to me. I do my utmost to uphold a professional relation between myself and my Customers. Since some will choose to ask for a refund through PayPal,  I will not behave nor communicate in a manner that is unbecoming of a professional, nor takes time from other customers. I need to make sure they too get time equaled for the value of their money and must be able to provide proof my behavior is exemplary and befitting my job.

Thirdly,  If I perform any Service, especially Tarot Readings and/or Spells, ALL TRANSACTIONS are NON-Refundable. If you feel the need to contact or dispute a PayPal Transaction with PayPal, and decide to request a Refund, I will Message you back reminding you of the agreement to the No-Refunds Policy and any conversation we held w/ a politely written letter of apologies and such-forth. All communications are essentially recorded or saved for proof of work, of ethics and of valued efforts to be given in the necessity that PayPal requires any and all evidence of "misconduct".

However, I will Refund a Customer for the following reasons:

a.) If it is my fault for not keeping the Appointment/Session/Event. (This does not include Storms/Blizzards, Natural Disasters, or "Secondary/Third Party" Transportation Issues) ((Secondary/Third Party refers to friends, family or UBER/Cabs/Lyft/Bus rides))

b.) If I have decided to cancel the Appointment/Session/Event due to my own personal/emergency met need.

c.) If you have become deathly ill or met a untimely Event that is Life Threatening and cannot show.