Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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  1. If I don't have a PayPal Account, are there any other ways to Pay?

    Actually there are many ways to Pay me for the Services I render to you.....

    1.) SquareUp:  OPCF uses SquareUp..... There are three options available for this: Option 1 - EMV/Contactless/ApplePay reader; Option 2 - "Magnetic" Card Swiper (old fashioned card swiper tech); Option 3 - SquareUp "Register" App, I can Manually Type in your Credit Card # into the App and receive your Payment that way.

    2.) PayPal Here: There are primarily two options available for this: Option 1 - PayPal Here App, just like with SquareUp, I can Manually Type in your Credit/Debit Card # into the App and receive your Payment that way; Option 2 is the PayPal Here "Magnetic" Card Swiper (old fashioned card swiper tech).

    3.) Gift Cards:  I allow Customers to Purchase Gift Cards from their Local Stores for the following amounts: $15, $25, $50, and $100; for the Following Locations/Services: Subway, Best Buy, iTunes, Papa Gino's, Barnes & Noble, Domino's Pizza, and Starbucks, (A full list of stores and places are available on the Payments portion of the OPCF Website). ((All that is needed from you "The Customer" is a Clear/Visable Pic/snapshot of the Gift Card both Front and Back, Pin Code for the Gift Card, and the Amount its worth.)) IF, you are meeting me Face to Face for my Services, just hand me the Gift Card when we meet up for the Scheduled Appointment.

    4.) What if I want to be Generous (pay more than the agreed amount):  IF your feeling generous ((more so than usual)), and want to Pay/Donate more than the agreed amount and wish not to use a credit card.... you can get one of either following gift cards.... Best Buy and Apple Store (not iTunes). If you do get either of these Gift Cards in a large $$ amount, please be it over $250 or Larger. I use such Cards to help get my Computer maintained, and to upgrade my Electronic Equipment that allows me to keep in touch with my Customers. Since I am a Long time ser of Apple Products, I am always looking to keep my devices up to date with the latest of Tech from Apple. ((New iPhone, New iPad, New Laptop(s) and so on.))

    5.) What if I am unable to pay with Cash or any Monetary Value listed above: On rare occasion I allow for Bartering of services or items/wares. So long as what you are bartering with is something I essentially desire or need, I am ok with the exchange. Generally speaking, FOOD/Produce (Farmers and Gardeners), Tools, Labor, and such are acceptable as Barter. ((If you are unclear if what you have to offer is acceptable to my standards, please do ask me upfront.))

    6.) What if we meet Face to Face:   If you are a customer that meets with me Face to Face, I do accept Cash up front.

  2. I don't have a credit card, but I do have a Debit/Bank Card.

    Debit Cards are the basic same as a Credit Card, the Bank you use issues them to be used just like a credit card and will act the same as one. Nothing extra is required or has to be done with it...... 

    Debit Cards will take the money out of your Checking account right away or within a few days. Credit Cards take almost a week or longer to verify the purchase went through with their company/lender. 

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  1. What if I am under the age of 18?

    If you are under the age of 18 and have questions, please be aware that any advice I give should not be taken literally or to heart. Any and ALL Advice is based on experience and self-opinion. I will not give you advice that can have Legal repercussions on both yourself and I.

    I am NOT a Licensed Therapist, NOR am I Licensed to give Legal Advice on an issue. I can only give my opinion and best solution to your problem..... and I can only listen to your problems to give you sense of ease and comfort when others are not willing to.

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