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I am looking for Donations to help raise money for a few different things.

Helping those with Disabilities
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​I am Disabled with Asperger's Syndrome, and because of such, I am in Shared Living and on Social Security for the Disabled. This prevents me from having enough money to donate or help those I meet on a daily basis whose life is so far worse than mine. I am basically broke, and in State Disability Services.

Secondly, as a person in State Disability Services, I donate a lot of my time helping others like myself. I am the Human Rights Chairperson for an organization known as Nonotuck Resource Associates. This organization is an agency in which provides homes/services to those with Disabilities of differing types. I devote my time and energy with this Agency to better the lives of others and to bring happiness and "LIFE" back into their lives. Because of the current cutbacks in State Funding and Federal Funding, many of our programs for these individuals are disappearing, leaving many folks without places to go, or things to enjoy. Many of them are also on limited income and cannot enjoy the simplest of things. I am putting a LARGE amount of $350,000.00 as my goal to raise, but I would be just as happy to raise as little as $3,500.00 for these people. To answer your question, I am one of these people, and yes a small portion of this money will be used by Nonotuck on me too.

My biggest goal is to raise enough money to give food to those that need it, give individuals the ability to go out in public without worry about cost, to give others a chance to try something new in their lives and to give many of these individuals an opportunity to also own a cellphone or a computer. Some/many of these individuals don't own or know how to use a computer, cellphone (smartphone) and so on because they cannot afford them. Their quality of life means being able to enjoy the very things many of you "NORMAL" folk take for granted. So many of these people are on such limited income due to Social Security that they live very limited lives. I want to give back in ways that would make their lives so much better and livelier.