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As a Pagan

Posted by Ophi Ophiuchus on September 27, 2012 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

I am a Pagan, not for the choice of Magic or cause I want to give the ideology of it a reality, but because I Know that being a pagan means accepting the reality of Science/Physics, Nature/Magic, Life/Death, Good/Bad all as one and the same

Dreams and Ambitions

Posted by Ophi Ophiuchus on September 27, 2012 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

As a Pagan, its my duty to have an unlimited imagination, to see beyond the realm of norm, to Dream and have no expectations of Reality, to allow the meaningless to have meaning, to see the Meaningful as a small moment to cherish rather to be worshiped/feared. Its my duty to help others fly above the clouds, to soar to greater heights in their spiritual quest and as a person.

But there are some whose dreams take them too far and when they cannot meet their own expectations and cannot reach that pinnacle of existence they so desperately sought, they come back down from the clouds and mope. They take their pain and their "Scars of Failure", and place it upon others whom dream and try to soar. Causing those newcomers to stay on the ground of despair and fear of the possible/impossible. Never allowing another to try as they did. Taking away another's chance to be something continues the pain, killing the ability to have an imagination and creative process. It kills the magic of life's greatest gifts of wonderment and dreams. This is not an okay thing to do to our fellow peers, our family and our friends.

If you have failed and feel its pain, do not put it on another. Instead teach them your mistakes, give them a lesson of reality without killing their dream. Give them the tools in which to use when they face the same tribulations. Do not give them despair before they had a chance to take flight in their dreams.

Even the dumb can bring imagination and dreams to life just as much as someone with higher intelligence. We all have our capabilities and all have our weaknesses.

Never stop believing in yourself, in your dreams and in your capabilities. Sometimes our strengths can be our weakness and our weakness can be our strength. Always fight forwards into the blue and never look back, keep going till you reach your goal. If you come across an obstacle you cannot solve on your own, ask for help before giving up.