Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

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Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm

Our Story

This company was originally and unofficially created back on April 7th 2008. At the time it had no shape, no name, no purpose nor a plan. Before April 7th of 2008, for several years from 1986 (age of 5) onward, I have always provided Psychic Services as a "Party Trick" to many individuals throughout my life, more so cause it ran in the family and was a natural talent. I always performed favors and did readings just for the sake of doing so, never for cash. It wasn't until I was 23 (2004) that I started to receive cash from those whose needs for my talent saved their jobs, their lives and their Families. Most of the Cash I received were from those whom sought only to contribute on their own accord. I never asked to be paid for something I did freely.

OPCF, (which was not directly named as such at the time), also began making Artistic Items/Products for a Web/Chatting Service known as IMVU.com. Independent of the Web/Chatting Service itself, our company were labeled as Developers (Content Creators), whom independently made their own items/products to sell to other members of the Web/Chatting Service. Over the course of 2 months, this Business venture took on a name of its own known as Power of 3 Inc. Officially in 2009, it became a 3 person venture whom at the time were all Pagans; Up until October of 2o13 Power of 3 Inc. sponsored and supported 7 Employees/Staff.  This Business Venture was Successful only in attempts as a HOBBY and nothing more, it was not in any way a Financially Stable source of Income and I was forced to close down Power of 3 Inc. While it happened to supply itself to be a worthwhile hobby, it allowed me to meet many intelligent and interesting individuals.

During the course of 3 years (2008 - 2011), OPCF had sought out and tried many small time and inconsequential ventures to see what fit with its need as a company. After many failed attempts to find its place in 2009, I almost gave up. Working as Power of 3 Inc, it was a set of random individuals on IMVU.com whom sought me out to make some Items for their Home Page on IMVU.com. They requested an Item specific to their Beliefs, specific to their culture and specific to where they were from. Because I knew nothing about who they were, or where they were from, I was forced to do research on their Beliefs, their culture and home. In doing so, out of random coincidence, it gave my company its Purpose, its Guiding light, and its Dream to do something worthwhile. I discovered that I have a knack for researching topics and for finding info in the most unlikeliest of places online and in local Libraries. Hence my Business is Officially Born. (However, it wasn't until September - November of 2011 in which I truly made the company Public)

At first our goal was to find any topic you desired, to seek out information on ANY Topic, then we evolved to seek info ONLY on Pagan related topics. From there we ventured into teaching or explaining the desired topic to the customer. This led to meeting new people and eventually using my Natural gift long since been used as a "Party Trick" again, this time to earn a living. I started giving Readings of all types. Tarot Readings, Psychic readings (Past, Present, and Future), Past Lives Readings, and I did Oddball/Strange topic readings for those with imaginative ideals/beliefs. Low and behold, turns out those oddballs, were legit and strangely enough less "odd" and less dramatic than those seeking a normal reading from me. Who would ever have thought that the "odd" individuals in society were the normal lol, and the Normal in Society were the true "odd"/Weird individuals lol.

I began to realize there is more to this business, and extended outwards to helping others just for the sake of helping. Most of my activities were done for free, and done to help teenagers and Beginners to the faith/interests of Paganism. From there, I have helped find info on stores and places that cater/support those whom are specifically Pagan or Paganistically curious. Since then, I have helped over 300,000 people, and I intend to help more.

Also during the years of 2008 - 2011, I was asked to help or partake in "RP" (Role-Play) Weddings, Marriages, Hand-Fastings, and other forms of Rituals & Ceremonies. None of them were for "Offline" legitimacy, just typical story-line role-play fun in a safe ONLINE environment. However, during those same years, and following into 2012 and 2013, I was asked if I would be interested in being a LEGITIMATE Clergy (Officiant) for OFFLINE or Real Life Marriages/Ceremonies.

The problem during those years was that I was not Legally an Ordained Officiant, and needed to be legally ordained by a Church or Religious Organization that has legal status for such things. I took every chance I got seeking legitimate places to get trained or whatever it took to become a legally Ordained Minister/Clergy (Officiant).

All avenues and leads led me to understand that because I was NOT Christian nor of any affiliated "Faiths", no Church or Religious Establishment would allow such training. In December of 2013, just days after my Birthday, I was looking up laws and understandings to how ONLINE ordinations would hold up LEGALLY. Turns out that Massachusetts legally permitted it, as did many states in America, and as did many Countries around the world. So, I took to researching for and into legit (or legally registered) Sites/Services.

By January of 2014, I finally found what I was looking for and needed; I carefully took the time to "VET" their credentials for legal use in Massachusetts, and other places. I was pleased to learn that the Organization I found was a ULC (Universal Life Church) that supported ALL Faiths, Ideals, and paths, including ATHEISTS that want to solely be a "Legalized Justice of the Peace" for their local municipality. So as of January 12th 2014, I officially became a LEGALLY ORDAINED Clergy.

My official Ordained Rank/Title is Oracle, (the ULC allows for SELF-IDENTIFICATION/Labeling).

Oracle is a justified and honorable religious/spiritual title used back in Greek & Roman History,  (Era in which the "GODS/GODDESSES" had everyday relevance).

The Title was used by Acolytes or "Priests/Priestesses" of Apollo whom showed great talent/gifts for seeing/foretelling things yet to happen. These "Oracles" were greatly revered by the Public, almost as much as their "benefactor" Apollo. The Public gave equal praise/offerings to both Apollo and his Oracles.

I do charge for my services, and will typically insist upon or enforce Payment. When I feel it necessary, or if circumstances should enter the scope of my awareness, there will be times that I help willingly for free.

Mission: To help those whom are Pagan, and/or Paganistically Curious. To help those by providing Informational/Topic Search services, Readings (Psychic or Otherwise), Dream interpretations, as well as Advice/Guidance for all needs as a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch or Other.

It is also the duty of I and my company to provide the extension of reach in which others cannot have on their own when seeking out information, local businesses, local hotspots, and such in which cater specifically to the needs and lives of a Pagan. I provide such assistance to those whom seek such info so they are able to feel assured that they can live as they are without feeling lost in their own community.

Ophi's Pagan Consulting Firm is willing to Help ANY one under the following Beliefs listed below:

{Disclaimer and Warning: For those whom are Wiccan or interested in Wicca, and come to me to learn or come to me for info on the topic, please understand that I WILL Directly ask you what you know about Wicca so far. I will be harsh on the topic, and I will not be entirely nice about it, and do know that every word that comes out of my mouth on the topic is Legit, researched, Quadruple Checked and verified by Actual Experts on the subject. If you are not willing to hear the Truth and honesty as well as the information I give on that subject, then please do not bother to contact me in regards to it.}

Neo-Paganism, Paganism, Witchcraft, Norse/Nordic, Rroma/Gypsy, Greek, Roman, Druidism, Celtic, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Ancient to Modern Egyptian Beliefs (Kemetic), Native American, Ophitism, as well as Atheists and those whom have created their own Ideals/beliefs. What is listed is only a small portion of what is out there, If you have a particular belief that is not listed above, do not feel you are unwelcome, by all means, do seek me out anyway. I am always willing to learn about other people's Pagan beliefs and ideals. Never assume that I would not help you just because you are different or think differently, or believe differently than I do. 

NO Belief is wrong or stupid; everyone is different and has their own point of view of this world and creation.

{Disclaimer #1However, I WILL NOT support or help those whom claim to be "Devil Worshipers" as per statement/declaration under Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as a "self-declared Valid" SOURCE. If your claim is based upon the Christian, Judaic, Islamic construct/ideals and you have determined your view of it as Christian, Judaic or as Islamic/Muslim; then by that claim, your beliefs and request of help in support of it will not and IS NOT covered by the terms of my business as Paganism. In which case, I peacefully & respectfully request that you do not make any further contact beyond this point.}

{Disclaimer #2: If you make claim to be a "Satanist" or "Luciferian" and believe it to fall under the purview of Paganism, please be prepared to explain yourself, and your personal views of "Satanism"/"Luciferianism"; As I have professionally and personally taken the time to learn about the REAL beliefs, ideals and understandings of Satanism & Luciferianism.... if you are as you claim, you will have no problem explaining yourself to me.}

{Disclaimer #3: For those that are Christian (or of any related branches of said CHRIST based religions), Jewish, or Islamic/Muslim,  and wish to pull away from them, seek new guidance, or is concerned they are in a harmful place (Cult) based on such religious beliefs.  I will listen to your problems, but only give you local info to police or shelters that are in no way affiliated with Religious Authoritative agencies (Churches/Temples/Mosques).  I will do my best within my small power to help find you safety. 
I can only guarantee you, that I will try and ask those I solemnly trust to help you.